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App development

We will create a detailed and customer-oriented solution proposal for your app idea.

Technical implementation

The development, effort, duration, and implementation always depend on the type of app: HTML, CSS, jQuery or JavaScript are no problem for us. Additionally, we have experience with Android and iOS.

Individual elaboration

We specialize in tailored mobile apps for unique business needs. Our experienced team collaborates closely with clients and collects customer feedback to create an intuitive and innovative app. By analyzing extensive data on your business, we integrate the app seamlessly into your current workflow. Our aim is to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional service that propels your business forward.

Customized elaboration (developed according to specific needs)

With the development of your app, we work out an individual solution for you. This can be achieved through customer reviews as well as through the collection of empirical data.

Hybride App

We will create a hybrid app for you using frameworks such as Ionic, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, or etc.

Native App

We develop an individual native app for you and your needs.

Web App

Do you need an app that can be accessed on all devices and is relatively inexpensive? Then the Web App is just the right thing for you. Contact us.

We offer complete online solutions including website design, SEO, social media, email marketing, and branding for your success.


If you want to have an app developed, you must first be aware that there are several types of apps. In the following, we explain the differences between the variants and which advantages and disadvantages each variant brings with it.

Native Apps

If an app is realised in the platform-specific development language, it is a native app. For Android it is Java or Kotlin, for iOS it is Swift and Objective-C. The native apps are developed on the basis of SDKs provided by the manufacturers Apple and Google for use. If you want to offer users the best possible user experience and also take advantage of the latest operating systems and hardware, you are on the safe side with a native app.

The advantages:

  • Best performance of all apps Access to the latest features and API’s Future-proof.


  • An app must be programmed for Android and iOS respectively. There are no synergies here – except for the idea of software architecture and other side effects that can be used.
    To update the content as well as the functions, an update must be uploaded to the App Store.

Web App

A web app is basically nothing more than a website designed for mobile devices. This app helps to optimally prepare and display the content of the website for the users. If you want to offer users the best possible user experience and also take advantage of the latest operating systems and hardware, you are on the safe side with a native app.


  • After development, a web app can be displayed and operated on iOS and Android devices;
  • HTML development is usually the cheapest option;
  • The adjustments to the web app are available immediately.
  • There is no need to upload changes/updates to the AppStore.
  • The adaptations are automatically applied.


  • Lower performance compared to a native app:
    No presence in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store;
  • Limited functionality compared to native app e.g. in the area of databases, offline behavior, push notifications etc.
  • Low retention, as no app icon is available on the mobile phone.

Hybride Apps

Hybrid apps attempt to bridge the gap between web apps and native apps. The HTML elements of the web app are placed in a native framework and supplemented by further native components.

The basic idea of hybrid apps is to combine the best elements of HTML and native development. In practice, however, there are often difficulties in linking the two elements.

In addition, it must be planned which areas and functions will be realised with web content and which with native components.

The reason why companies opt for this variant of the app is the low-cost entry into the app world. At the same time, these companies usually have a good mobile website with content that changes frequently.


  • Synergies can be realized because HTML content optimized for Android and iOS is used;
  • The limitations of a web app can be compensated by the native components;
  • Hybrid apps can be uploaded to the App Store under certain conditions.


  • The app has a high level of complexity – there can be an error-proneness between the HTML content and the native elements;
  • Performance limitations in the area of HTML content;
  • It usually takes a lot of effort to adapt existing HTML content within an app.



A SpacePitch software is always well thought out and planned. So of course we don’t start programming directly. There are #6 steps that need to be taken for the app to be successful.

We call it the success factors for apps.

Before the app is programmed, the first thing we have to do is collect and prepare data. We have to do detailed research on the target group, the market, and special features that need to be taken into account. It’s not for nothing that our motto is „It’s all about the details“.


The research is now complete. All the information has been gathered.
Now the time is ripe for a concept. One of our experts will work with you to develop a concept for implementation. In this concept, we will address a wide range of factors.

These factors include „technical requirements“ and the „objective of the app“.

The technical requirements are enormously important for the final product.
Many freelancers get a brief description of the project, ask for comparable apps/websites, and start programming. We take a different approach.
With us, no questions will be left unanswered. We will draw up a specification sheet with you.

In this requirement specification, all functions as well as the exact mode of operation are described. Thus, the requirements are defined in writing.
These specifications will later be attached to the contract and signed separately. In this way, you are always legally protected and have the certainty of receiving exactly the agreed and desired product.


Now we create a prototype via wireframe. Now you are probably wondering what that is?

Wireframes are a visual representation that shows the basic framework of the required software.

Thus, the functions and elements can be placed in such a way that they best serve your specific and predefined purpose.

Therefore, we resort to this elegant tool to achieve the best result in terms of impact psychology.


Design – our favorite theme and by far the coolest part of the whole process.

At SpacePitch we love design and are very obsessed with it. Why? The design is the first perceived point of contact between the users of the app and your product.
Therefore, it is elementary to provide a very good and professional design.

We have our own designers who have already moved mountains. That’s what sets SpacePitch apart. Every client gets a stunning design. We only want to be measured by success. See for yourself.

Contact us and we will send you references from us.


The front and back end must now be programmed.

This is done independently of each other for the time being.
It is not surprising that this is the most complex and time-consuming step.

The frontend must be created and the design converted into code.
At the same time, the backend has to be programmed.

In the end, we put everything together and thus fill the app with life.


The app is now fully programmed. The design is stunning, the front-end and back-end have been programmed and everything works. However, programming is not the last step.

You can tell good software by the details. As we said before: „It’s all about the details“. That’s why we test everything thoroughly and subject our software to rigorous testing.

Our quality control only releases the app when it has proven itself under extreme situations. If a parameter is outside the desired performance limit, it has to go into revision.

Our mission is to provide businesses with the best software ever.
We create the best apps with a stunning design.
We take great pride in that.


We plan and deliver

Our experts create customized concepts based on your requirements

In this concept, we plan the entire software, the possible implementation and the required working hours.
This way you know directly which functions and wishes can be implemented by us and which are technically not possible.

You also receive a precise schedule for the development of the app.
This way you can plan better.

The delivery of the software/app is always divided into several steps. After each stage of the project, a technical acceptance is carried out.
This gives you the opportunity to express complaints and other change requests.
Only if these have been implemented 100% perfectly does the process continue.

After development and extensive testing, your software software is ready for use.

We build your rocket. All you have to do is get in and fly away. #SpacePitch

We offer you the 360 degree package

Our experts create customized concepts based on your requirements

We take care of everything to do with your app.
We create a free prototype for you, we help you with the installation of your server, the upload of the apps, the development and much more.

Thus, we accompany you on the whole way from the idea to the finished software.
We are also happy to advise you on individual questions.

We are also happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

We always think one step ahead, and thus help our customers with the optimal implementation.

Furthermore, we take over the support for you (if desired).

We provide support

Support is at least as important as building an app

Technology is constantly improving, updates have to be created, bugs have to be fixed, small changes have to be made, and much more. However, this is far too time-consuming and complex for you as a founder/entrepreneur. Therefore, it only makes sense to entrust us as experts with this task.

We take care of the entire support and cover all areas. A very popular topic for support is search engine optimization (SEO). This is especially important for customers who are on the market with their product but are not found on Google. Therefore, you have to pay attention to and optimize many things so that the software makes a profit in the long run. Therefore, you should not underestimate this topic. What good is a perfect product if no one knows about it?

The same is true for app stores. Here, too, you can carry out a so-called App Store Optimisation (ASO) This will give your app a higher ranking in the App Store. So you increase your visibility.

Just contact us and find out more about our service.

We give a guarantee

We guarantee a flawless implementation

If you do not like the design of the website or the functions do not work as agreed, you do not have to pay any money. Thus, we guarantee you really good software and minimize your risk at the same time. Trust in the developers plays a big role in software development.

If you do not like the design of the website or the functions do not work as agreed, you do not have to pay any money.

Thus, we guarantee you really good software and minimize your risk at the same time. Trust in the developers plays a big role in software development.

You can't touch software. Many people cannot imagine much about it. Out of fear, many prospective entrepreneurs therefore hesitate. That is why we offer a guarantee. You can get to know us and our work without risk.

If you are satisfied, we will continue to work on the project together. We want to promote innovative ideas and implement them with our know-how.


Individual requirements

We create an individual app based on your requirements. In principle, you can let your thoughts run free here.

Simply send us your requirements for the app. This way, you have an individual app that is customized to your needs.

Individual B2B / B2C Apps

For your business needs, it is very important in today's world to build a close connection with customers. Mobile apps are a very useful tool for this.

We help you to create a stunning app that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your customers.

Distribution App

Support your employees with an innovative app that

Let an innovative app become an important helper for your field staff and profit in the long run with greater profits.

The apps support your employees in sales. Thus, employees can access the most important information quickly and efficiently.

You thus increase the efficiency and quality of your customer service. The result of all this is higher profits and better-tempered customers.

CRM Apps

A CRM app gives you mobile access to customer data.

Another advantage: CRM apps help to quickly capture leads.

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