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UX and UI are crucial to the success of digital products. UX ensures a good experience from discovery to use, while UI focuses on user-friendly design with layout, typography, and color.


For us, UX / UI is one of the most important factors of a successful app

We have experts who spend all day on this one topic. But what are UX and UI and why is it so important for us?

What is the difference between UX/UI?

UX is short for user experience.
UI stands for the user interface.
But what is the difference between UX and UI?


The user interface is the surface and the first point of contact between the human and the software. The goal of this interaction is the effective control of the software by the human. The human can use the feedback from the software to make operational decisions more easily.

Thus, the UI is the exchange between humans and machines. This exchange requires a physical component (hardware) as well as a logical component (software). SpacePitch’s interface is always intuitive, efficient, and pleasant to use.

Of course, there are many types of UIs.
The two most important are the Graphical User Interface and the Web User Interface.

The Web User Interface (WUI) ensures the display of web content that is generated via the Internet and can be viewed by the user in the browser.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the graphical interface for the user, which can be controlled by the mouse and keyboard.


User experience is the sum of users‘ behaviors, emotions, and views of a particular product. User experience encompasses every practical and meaningful aspect of the interaction between the human and the machine. Therefore, it is highly subjective. Especially since a user’s individual experience is dynamic and changes over time.

User experience design starts with the question of how users interact with the software. Based on this collected data, different personality profiles can be created that have the specific characteristics of the user types.

This makes it possible to determine in the future which changes should be made to a product.


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