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We offer many services around IoT.
The fact that Google finds almost 55,000 results under the keyword IoT alone means that there is a lot of interest and even more different opinions.


But what is this IoT that everyone is talking about?

The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as the IoT consists of objects that become «intelligent» through the installation of microchips. This means that objects can communicate directly with other objects via the internet.

This sounds like magic, but it is not. The Internet of Things offers the possibility of opening up completely new fields of business. It should be added, however, that every intelligent device must have its identification on the network. Scientists and we as experts agree: the networking of devices, sensors, etc. will change our daily lives.

Smart Home, Smart City – will revolutionize our daily lives. It’s not for nothing that even the German government is promoting the expansion of the 5G network at full speed, which is the prerequisite for this new revolution. However, we at SpacePitch think there is another way to start the revolution with the resources we already have (without the 5G network).
The data that is exchanged between devices needs to be compressed much better. Compressed data allows the existing infrastructure to be used. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on compressed data.


How can IoT be applied?

IoT is a vast network of interconnected devices and systems.
To fully understand it, ask: what are IoT devices and what do they do?
What’s the impact on privacy and security?
How can we ensure ethical use?
Understand the applications, benefits, drawbacks, and challenges of implementing it in different industries.
A comprehensive understanding of IoT is essential to navigate modern technology.

The main questions to ask about IoT are:

  • How can IoT increase customer satisfaction?

  • How can the quality of service be improved?

  • What new business models arise from the new technology?


1. Predictive Maintenance:

Maintenance is a crucial element of any company’s operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of equipment and machinery. With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), maintenance processes are being revolutionized.

The power of IoT has made it possible to predict and detect actual maintenance needs through analytics, providing companies with valuable insights that can help prevent equipment failure and minimize downtime.

Predictive maintenance ensures that maintenance activities are carried out only when necessary, thus reducing costs significantly while also increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

By adopting IoT-based predictive maintenance practices, companies can eliminate the guesswork involved in maintenance, improve the effectiveness of maintenance activities, and boost overall productivity. The data-driven approach of IoT-based maintenance is essential in enabling companies to make informed decisions about maintenance and improving the reliability of their equipment.

2. Self-optimizing production:

IoT is essential for networked factories to keep up with changing demands. Real-time monitoring and automation can lead to improved quality and efficiency. This can result in significant cost savings and increased competitiveness in the marketplace.

3. Automatic inventory management:

Automated inventory management helps companies have better insight into inventory levels and the supply chain. Products can be monitored across the entire supply chain.

This enables companies to increase process and response times, reduce stock-outs and stock-outs, and improve just-in-time production processes.

4. Remote monitoring of patients:

Doctors can monitor patients remotely through IoT.

This helps improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of treatment.

5. Smart Metering:

Through sensors, utilities can measure electricity, gas, and water, for example. This data can then be processed and displayed to the end consumer through an app. Consumers can monitor usage in real-time and take action if necessary.

6. Track & Trace:

IoT sensors help to improve transparency in order processing. In the assembly area, for example, sensors can be used so that the status of a product can be identified and tools, components, and materials can be localized.

7. Connected Cars:

New types of sensors will drastically change the way cars drive. Cars will communicate with each other, avoid traffic jams, report danger spots, drive at the perfect and optimal speed, and much more.

8. Fleet management:

IoT revolutionized vehicle tracking. Fleet managers now monitor vehicles in real-time, retrieve data on condition, utilization rates, and other important parameters instantly. This information optimizes fleet operations and reduces maintenance costs, improving overall efficiency.

IoT is a game-changer in fleet tracking, unlocking numerous benefits for global businesses.


There are countless other examples here:

It always depends on the creative entrepreneurs and companies that take on new challenges and see the potential in this technology.

In the end, it is always the consumer who decides whether the product/service is good.

What is important for companies is that application areas such as predictive maintenance and other services have a great opportunity and potential to become established in the market. However, IoT solutions need to be tailor-made for the companies and the end consumers. This means that each use case must be individually tailored to the needs of the customers.

Product functionality, reliability, and the security that solutions can be integrated are also very important. So put your trust in us as experts and contact SpacePitch. We will advise you without obligation and work with you to create the best solution for your company and your end users.

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