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Web development is the development of web applications, web services, or other complex websites.


Web applications differ from normal software development in some essential ways.

When it comes to developing web applications, there are certain fundamental differences that set it apart from traditional software development. For instance, hypermedia documents come into play, which serve as the backbone of web applications. A crucial aspect of web development is the distinction between the front-end and back-end.

The front-end, which pertains to the graphical user interface, primarily entails an intricate knowledge of JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and GUI frameworks. On the other hand, the SpacePitch team of back-end developers leverages their expertise in areas such as HTTP and databases, particularly SQL.

It is worth noting that our team also handles other notable techniques commonly utilized in web development. With our team of dedicated experts, we promise to deliver cutting-edge web applications that meet your specific needs:

PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Java / XML 


There are many factors to consider in web development that go beyond the actual creation of the software.

While it is important to focus on creating high-quality code that provides the desired functionality, it is equally important to think about the ongoing maintenance and support that will be required over time.

After all, software development is an iterative process, and even the best code will require updates, enhancements, and bug fixes over time.

For this reason, our team places great emphasis on the maintenance and care of every development project from the very beginning.

By taking a proactive approach and thinking about the future of software, we can ensure that our customers get long-term value from their investment and can continue to use their applications reliably for years to come.


Probably the most popular type of web development today are web frameworks (server-side): Ruby on Rails and Django. In JavaScript, they are React / Angular and Vue.js.

Other programming languages that our developers are proficient in:

C# / C++ / AJAX 

For which areas is web development primarily used?

Our experts are mainly booked in the area
of E-Commerce. This includes online shops, paid content, platforms of all kinds – for example platforms for personnel management – and homepages for companies.

Our web development services:

  • Consulting on current systems;
  • Performing requirements analysis;
  • Creating the software design as well as the;
  • Software architecture;
  • Creating the database design;
  • Implementation of the productive code (server and client code);
  • Implementation of the software including extensive testing to ensure functionality and performance;
  • Maintenance and operation.

Of course, we also advise you for your current/existing systems. We have many customers who have looked for a freelancer on the Internet and are not satisfied with the work and the result.

We will then do an as-is analysis and see how we can get your online shop up and running again. Most of the time it’s small things that need to be adjusted so that the system runs normally again.

However, it can also happen that we have to change/improve more. However, it is clear that every shop needs its own analysis.
Based on this analysis, our experts can then advise you specifically and work with you to find a good and quick solution. Because one thing is clear – every day that the shop or your system is not available online, you lose valuable sales.
Therefore, in most cases, quick and reliable solutions are needed.
We advise you and help you to generate sales again as quickly as possible.

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